My injury I sustained on the 29th June turned into me breaking 4 bones in my leg, the original diagnosis was a broken Fibula then more X-Ray's confirmed a broken Tibia as well. I was concerned that the healing process wasn't moving quickly so I requested a MRI scan which confirmed 2 more broken bones The Talus & The Medial Malleolus this explained why it took much longer. (God knows where they get these names from they sound like gladiators)

For me the quicker I was out of the support boot the faster I wanted to start training as I knew my leg had not been used for a good 3 plus months so I started training in October using my personal trainer 5 times a week and we worked on certain types of training to help the leg and my general fitness! He sets me tasks during the week to better myself and it's worked... We started a 5k run every day for a whole week at the end of November, my time was 30 minutes on the first day and by the following week I'm now on 24 minutes for a 5k run so from this you can see my fitness is really good and the leg has fully healed which I'm totally happy with.

For me I want to be the fittest I can be at the start of the season.

I've managed to get 3 decent engines ready for next season which have been tuned by Flemming in Denmark.

For me my main aim is to score decent points away from Kent and I'm doing all I can to achieve this before the tapes go up with training and equipment.

When Chris hunt contacted me in December, he kind of asked what my plans were for next season and to be honest I was thinking I could be sitting out the start of the season which I was feeling down about as I already had stated the process with fitness and engines!

Then came the question from Chris........... Well to say I was excited was an understatement!!! It was such a strange feeling of excitement and happiness I feel like I'm 21 again I've never been so enthusiastic about 2016...... Kent was always going to be my number 1 choice and I'm so looking forward to seeing the fans again and friends that I met in 2013 and 2014... My lucky number is #3 and this is my 3rd season......

Until then there's training to be done, bikes and engines to test so here's to a successful 2016 for the Kent kings.

David Mason Racing

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